5.) FORCES EP – Montell 2099

Where my bass trap heads at? Montell2099’s new EP is a treat for you then. Drawing from the music legend RL Grime (who even has feature on the album with the song RUSYNTH), Montell2099 proves he’s a force to be reckoned with by showcasing his talent with some stellar production work. It’s hard to showcase wide variety over just an EP usually, but Montell2099 proves that with just 4 tracks and an intro, he can reveal his production hand and create an impressive catalog. Bouncing from uplifting, to intense, to happy vibes over the course of just five songs, the FORCES EP is a great collection for anyone into the new wave of the Trap scene. Expect these songs to be dropped at festivals all summer long.

4.) Treehouse at Yuma Place – Aspetuck

Aspetuck may be a new name in electronic music, but he’s been directly surrounded by it for many many years. The older brother of one of my favorite producers, Pierce Fulton, Aspetuck saw a hole in the tech scene and felt it was his responsibility to fill it. We’re glad he did because the product we’re left with is tech house euphoria. Treehouse at Yuma Place seems to be only the beginning for Aspetuck as he’s been continuously pushing out songs and projects since he started last year in 2019. Put this record on driving, working out, or if you’re just vibing out and get taken away in the precise and beautiful sounds Aspetuck has created for us. Can’t wait to see what the future brings.

3.) RIPPLS – Medasin

Chill, hauntingly beautiful, exciting. Just a few words to describe the incredible RIPPLS album from Medasin. The Dallas born producer dropped jaws with his incredible album Irene in 2018 and after fans begged and pleaded for more, has finally delivered RIPPLS. The soothing sounds of the album almost evoke a lullaby vibe that will certainly be mellowing you out while still making you happy you didn’t take your dancing shoes off. Medasin’s sound design is very unique and specific to him that combines chillwave, hip-hop. future bass, and electronica all into one. I guarantee this album won’t disappoint your chill cravings.

2.) Sixteen Oceans – Four Tet

“Legend” would be a great word to describe Four Tet. The British DJ/Producer already has 9 studio albums under his belt, so might as well add Sixteen Oceans to that list to make it an even 10. Appropriately, this album also gets a 10 for its signature Four Tet experimental, chill house vibes. Four Tet has an incredible way of creating unique textures around the classic house music beat that gives him a very mysterious yet familiar sound that’ll have you both dancing and contemplating your entire life. Standout tracks Teenage Birdsong & Baby are great places to start for the uninitiated with their catchy melodies and breathtaking production. Have a go at the whole album while you’re out for a drive or stuck at a desk at work. The journey he takes you on is truly an artistic masterpiece.

1.) Live From Joshua Tree – Rüfüs Du Sol

Spotify / Apple Music

Easily in my top 5 artists of all time, the Australian music group Rüfüs Du Sol blesses us with a live performance of their album Solace out in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park. Having seen them live on their Solace Tour, I was originally excited to be getting the live edits in high quality. What I was not prepared for was a full length YouTube performance of their crowdless concert at Joshua Tree. The video in its own right is an artistic masterpiece with light beams atop rock structures, spread over the distance of football fields as the sun sets over the California desert. But visuals are only half the story. Rüfüs Du Sol’s live performances are absolutely incredible for the fact that their live performances sound almost exactly the same as their recorded songs. That just boils down to pure raw talent. Vocalist Tyrone Lindvist has the most hauntingly beautiful voice that will make you immediately register any Rüfüs song. I highly encourage watching the live performance on YouTube if you have the time. Fans will be be in love. Casuals will immediately become fans.

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