Artist Spotlight: Durante

Maia is one of Durante’s most well known songs, and I first discovered it when it was introduced on Bonobos Fabric Remixes

I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately with this guy who really caught me by surprise a few weeks back. I was in the midst of browsing similar artists recently: Tourist, Amtrack, Le Youth, Maya Jane Coles, etc. and at the end of my playlist came Spotify radio. This led me to a handful of Durante selects that immediately caught my attention. So, I begun to dive into his discography – and boy was I impressed by the sheer complexity and depth of his compositions and remixes that seem to transcend boundaries of electronic music in more ways than one.

Borrowing from some quotes from online and elsewhere, as an Italian-based producer and DJ, he’s drawn to the edge and intersections of house and techno. This intersection produces a wonderfully dreamy mixture of trance house and deep house, with beats that keep hitting hard without shaking you too deep. They keep you energized without making you overly anxious. The music just flows in such a way that it makes for perfect background music to virtually any activity – a personal favorite would be driving (especially at night). But he also can fit into a workout or work routine with ease. I encourage you to find your own medium as I believe he has a little something for everyone.

I found a quote recently that captured this in great detail: “Durante strives to create a body of work as versatile as his experiences. It’s a worldly sound. It’s rich and romantic, like his early childhood spent in his birth country of Italy. It’s tropical and vibrant, full of Latin color like his formative years in Florida. It’s daring and adventurous, like when he moved to Los Angeles without ever having seen the Pacific coast, but it’s also mature, refined through the past five years as he’s learned from missteps and opportunities alike how to synthesize his influences and surroundings into something both personal and relatable, danceable but poignant, comfortably familiar but distinct from the pack.”

It is this diversity that has made me continue coming back to Durante this month, and likely will keep me along for the ride in the future. He incorporates beautiful female vocals when appropriate, such as on Days Pass (Durante & HANA). But he is equally powerful in his own right. I was especially drawn to his progressive but brief Unraveled Album, with songs like Split Wick. Other songs like Restless (linked below) blend the border between upbeat and dance-y with a dreamlike synth overlay to it, once again showcasing these deep textural compositions which just have so much to offer.

If you are interested in this kind of vibe, I encourage you to check out my newest playlist, here to explore some similar content. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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