Ari Aster: Already A Legend with Only Two Films

I was first introduced to the Sophomore director, Ari Aster, with Hereditary a few years back in 2018. I have definitely stepped up my horror game in the past few years, which is for a variety of reasons. Mostly as a result of Sam and myself being incredibly into psychological thrillers, which led into aContinue reading “Ari Aster: Already A Legend with Only Two Films”

May Weekend Flicks: What I’ve Watched Lately (Part 1)

Finally I found some time to sit down and watch a few movies. Several of these are horror/thrillers which Sam and I watch regularly, others are a nice blend of animation, action, and drama films. films and a some very recent productions added up to some quality May film viewings. I’ll continue adding to thisContinue reading “May Weekend Flicks: What I’ve Watched Lately (Part 1)”

April Weekend Flicks – What I’ve Watched Lately

We can all agree its a great time to sit around and watch a film or two. With all this extra indoor time on our hands. I was planning on hiking, but we got another 8in. of snow Thursday night in Maine – so, more movies for me. Here’s what I had watched in theContinue reading “April Weekend Flicks – What I’ve Watched Lately”